Can I really love someone...?

I always thought myself above all these worldly emotions.I never used to feel attachment to any one .My childhood was so lonely .I was always so pissed off with everyone around.My teachers, my class-mates,my parents.............I was missing something in my life.People used to say i was totally psycho. There was not even one day ,when i was not standing outside my principal's office.My mom was called every Saturday so that my weekly report of nuisance can be given to her.I used to roam around lonely;looking for a friend.There was a girl ,i distinctly remember her face.I was sitting on my seat looking sleepily towards black board and she entered our class."Hi! I am Priya.I will be studying with you all." The voice just echoed in my head.I looked at her .She was looking like an angel.I was charmed with her confidence and her soft voice.Just then bell rang and our class dispersed.

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