E-Mail marketing


  1. Less investment and more effect.
  2. The actual cost of email is substantially less than that of direct mail.
  3. Increased traffic.
  4. Its direct response encourages immediate action from customer side.Email marketing encourages click to a website where the offer can be redeemed immediately this increases the likelihood of an immediate, impulsive response.For this the email should be very attractive.For example-I have posted quiz and a link to my website (free coupon section ) in the mail So if the visitor visits my quiz page and play the quiz they can win certain discount in my product.
  5. Faster deployment of marketing strategies.
  6. The total time for producing creative campaign is usually shorter than traditional media.
  7. Easy to personalize.
  8. It is very easy and cheap to personalise email than the traditional media and website.
  9. Testing
  10. It is really easy and cost effective to test different automated email creation and their dispatch.
  11. Integration with other technologies.
  12. By combining email marketing with other traditional media which can be personalized such as direct mail, mobile messaging(used by many companies to promote their services) or web personalization.With this,campaign will be highly increased as the message is being sent through different media.

How to avoid mail getting spammed.

  1. Buy 2-3 domain and create 6-6 email IDs from them.
  2. Change content(pattern ) of the mail frequently.
  3. There is a limit to send mails through particular domain.Mine was 400/hour so i took 4 email IDs and send 100mails/hr through each of them .So 400/hr.If you are sending 400 mails each hour then make 8 ID's and rotate them frequently.
  4. Configure these IDs with Outlook and set their time accordingly.
  5. Create 10 Google or Yahoo account and check in few days that whether the mails are going for spam by sending testing mail to them.And if they are going then report not spam on them and delete them completely.Use your friend's email ID as well because if you have reported no spam to it many times then .It will not go into spam and you will not be able to find that whether it is spamming or not.
  6. Change subject line frequently.
  7. Don't give your original URL in the mail.Google might blacklist it .Use TinyURL or any other site to hide your link.And change this link frequently.

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    How to make background of desktop icon text transparent

    This is the problem faced by many users as the desktop icons have this wierd blue background behind them.
    To solve this, proceed the following steps
    Go to Display Properties-> Desktop-> Customize Desktop-> Web
    There is a wierd link


    Don't select My Current Homepage.
    Then press OK and exit the display properties

    Final Screen

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